Using environment variables when working with reactjs template inside Vite

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tl:dr — Use instead of

Vite is a handy build tool when you want to spin up a quick react application. In this guide, I will walk you through how to use environment variables inside a react application template created though vite.


This guide assumes that you know some basics of scaffolding a vite application template and also the workings of environment variables. A brief disclaimer, environment variables only store secrets during the development phase of your project. …

Creating a custom 404 page with React Router

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In this guide, you will create a custom 404 page and use react router to navigate to our custom 404 page whenever a user goes to the wrong page. We will cover a brief introduction to the essentials when working with react router to manage page routing in your react application.

What you will need:

React Router essentials:

React Router is a standard library for routing in React. …

tl:dr — Transfer your workspace files from the windows environment to the linux environment

While working on your NextJS application inside WSL2, you may have noticed that your saved changes do not immediately reflect on your application. This means that you will have to go through the tedious process of constantly restarting your local development server so that you can see your changes reflected.

Fear not, I come forth with a potential fix for this. The results tend to vary so don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your particular scenario so that we can fix it.

The Problem…

When working on…

How open source contribution can increase your experience and improve your confidence

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During my escapades in open source contribution, I happened to come across a unique situation which required me to learn something new in order to make my open source contribution a success. For a long time, I used to think that some git commands were reserved for a certain seniority or experience level, but this situation changed my perspective on how I approached it.

Contributing to open source has a lot of advantages among them being that it helps in sharpening tech skills, both reading code and writing…

TL:DR — Batch create files with the Linux “touch” command

For a long time now, Linux users seemed to have the upper hand when it comes to software development(with solid reasons to back them). But with the introduction of the now popular WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) , us windows folk have a reason to smile in regards to software development.

Today I’m not going to dive so much into the advantages of using Linux in software development, I want to share an interesting and cool way to create multiple files inside your Linux environment with the touch command.

The Touch command

The touch command is a standard command used…

The lessons learnt from managing a developer community, 6 months in

Javascript code on dark screen

During the events of 2020(The Pandemic), a brilliant idea crossed my mind. I was learning react hooks with all the fun and cool ways of using functional components at the time and I wanted to interact with other developers who were also using react in my country. I had seen the success of the many developer groups in Kenya and wanted to replicate this as well.

The first step was to look for any developer community available that was heavily biased towards react, since there were well performing developer groups on angular and vue. Now don’t get me wrong, I…

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